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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Dropship Wholesale Distributors

Dropship Wholesale Distributors – Finding a Good Dropship Wholesale Distributor

Dropship wholesale distributors that deliver cheap goods and excellent service are few. If you have been in the business long enough, you may have been scammed on several occasions and are fully aware of this truth. But say you are a newbie, then this would be a valuable piece of information for you. Search out the nuggets of wisdom here on what makes a good dropship wholesale distributor that you should be dealing with.

Dropship Wholesale Distributor Tip 1 – Compiling a List of Wholesale Distributors

Finding a dropship wholesale distributor is challenging but can be rewarding as well. But before you do that, you need to compile a dropship wholesale distributors list. You can check your local yellow pages and newspapers to find wholesalers that deal in the product you are selling. Establish contact with them about this dropship idea. This can be harder since they may not have the resources such as manpower and logistics to handle your business. You can also perform an online search and copy down every phone number or email address of wholesalers you can find on your relevant merchandise. Type in “dropshipping” + your merchandise so it can be something like “dropshipping” + handphone accessories.

Another way is to buy a ready list from dropship wholesale distributors list services such as SaleHoo. Dropship wholesale distributors directory provider keeps what we call a “clean directory/list”. Their sole business is to find, screen and compile a directory/list of dropshippers, wholesalers and manufacturers to sell. Good and reasonable dropship wholesale distributors get to be listed while poor performers get reviewed and booted out. It is a huge time and money saver. Some of the wholesalers cannot be found anywhere at all as they have remained privy to those old-timers in the reseller business. Most successful resellers have this special list in their pockets.

Dropship Wholesale Distributor Tip 2 – Price Comparison

Compare prices before you make any purchase. A dollar difference may not be much for a single item but when you are dealing with wholesale, it can mean a larger profit margin for you. Check out the retail prices in the market before you start shopping. There needs to be a disclaimer here. It does not mean that the cheapest is the best. Sometimes, the quality of goods may vary or delivery service is not as great. Stick with the more established and older standing wholesalers. They have a reputation to upkeep so it is safer. Sometimes, you need to spare the few extra dollars to protect your business.

Dropship Wholesale Distributor Tip 3 – Shipping and Delivery

Remember to check on their shipping and delivery details such as countries they ship to, mode of delivery whether it is air, land or sea freight, and how much are the freight charges. All these are important as they can inflate the business costs. Customers could be put off if the charges are rocket-high or the shipping time is too long.

Dropship Wholesale Distributor Tip 4 – Payment and Transaction Terms

Payment and transaction terms need to be laid out clearly so that it is transparent to you and the dropship wholesale distributor you are dealing with. Do they charge you per sale or on a monthly basis? Most distributors accept credit card payments so be ready for that. You may need to find out if they do practice credit extension. Some dropship wholesale distributors do reward their loyal customers with better credit terms such as a longer payment duration or deeper credit.

Dropship Wholesale Distributor Tip 5 – Customer Feedback

This can be a little bit tricky. You can easily assess those dropship wholesale distributors you have dealt with but what about the newly discovered ones? It is hard to tell if they are reliable. Well, you can hang out at forums or do an online search for reviews and feedback about great companies they have dealt with. Alternatively, the more conservative and fool-proof way is to get a hold of the dropship wholesale distributors directory from directory providers like SaleHoo.

Dropship Wholesale Distributor Tip 6 – Refund Policy and Backend Sales Support

Even though you are never in physical contact with your goods and there is no inventory to maintain, you still need to be clear of the refund policy of the dropship wholesale distributor. What happens if your customer wants a refund? This is a critical question as there is bound to be a few refunds from time to time. Ensure that the dropship wholesale distributor has a comprehensive and easy refund policy and tip-top backend sales support. If not, both of you may have to craft out an agreement.

Dropship Wholesale Distributor Tip 7 – China Dropship Wholesale Distributor

China is fast becoming the largest exporter of consumer goods. If you search hard enough, you would find dropship wholesale distributors dealing in all kinds of merchandise from designer cloths, watches, etc that you can resell on Ebay or through classified ads. A lot of big international brand names have set up shop and manufacturing plants there to capitalize on the low business costs. You can find really cheap bargains from China. However, since you may not speak the native language, it can be tough. Fortunately, there are dropship wholesale distributors directories that would provide you with tools, tips and resource to help you in finding good china wholesalers and even manufacturers.

Grab a copy of SaleHoo – the most reputable global dropship wholesale distributors directory that reveals all the tips and tricks of the wholesale business and shows you where to find whatever product you want at the most reasonable prices.

Dropship Wholesale Distributors

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Dropship Wholesale Distributors | Top Tips

Dropship Wholesale Distributors – Top Tips

Dropship wholesale distributors are the right people you should look for if you are thinking of selling some merchandise on internet auctions such as Ebay or Yahoo Auctions. Dropshipping or wholesale business is big business and there are already many folks involved in the business, so competition can be strife. By using a dropshipper, it means that you do not need to hold the physical product, ie no inventory. Your task is to market the product and accept payments. Once the payment is completed, you would inform the dropshipper who would take care of the shipping and delivery of goods to your customer. You pay the dropshipper a wholesale price, and pocket the difference between the wholesale cost and the selling price you charged.

Here are some dropship wholesale distributor tips that would help you in your business.

Dropship Wholesale Distributor Tip 1 – Use Wholesale Distributor Directories

It is not easy to find honest and cheap wholesale distributors online. Unlike a physical store where you can meet face to face with the distributor and see the ware you are buying, all you see are pictures of the merchandise. Fortunately, there are several online sites that offer comprehensive and detailed wholesale distributor directories. These sites would screen the wholesale distributors to ensure that only those that deliver excellent service and goods are included. You can then make direct contact with these wholesalers to negotiate your purchases.

Dropship Wholesale Distributor Tip 2 – Be Careful of Wholesale Brokers

These are brokers or middlemen between you, a reseller and the wholesaler. They essentially masquerade as the wholesaler themselves and present you with the catalogues of merchandise. Very often, the prices you see are marked up and you end up paying higher prices for goods which could be bought cheaply from the wholesaler. In a certain sense, these wholesale middlemen are resellers or Tier-2 wholesalers. Avoid going to them as this means lower profit margins and loss of competitive edge over your competitors.

Dropship Wholesale Distributor Tip 3 – Common Wholesale Prices

When you find a dropshipping company that does wholesale business, look at the price difference of their products as compared to the retail price they can fetch in the market. A good gauge would be about 15% to 30% discount off the retail price. If you do find such a wholesale company, it is reasonable to deal with them.

Dropship Wholesale Distributor Tip 4 – Other Sources of Wholesale Goods

Read the newspapers especially the classified advertisements section and look for private auctions, garage sales, year-end sales, wholesale/warehouse bargains from companies facing bankruptcy. You would be able to find really cheap merchandise, sometimes as much as 50% off the market rate. The trouble is you have to take care of the inventory and shipping.

Dropship Wholesale Distributor Tip 5 – Free Account with Dropshipping Company

Whether you are reselling as an individual or setting up a company to do so, registration with dropshipping companies should always be free. This is the market norm. Unscrupulous dropshipping companies may try to charge you a fee, so if you are not comfortable with that idea, skip it and go to another company.

Dropship Wholesale Distributor Tip 6 – Open Multiple Wholesale Distributor Accounts

The trick about getting the best deals is to open account with many wholesale distributors. This way, you can be sure that you are kept abreast with the latest prices of goods. You would also respond faster to meet market demands with cheaper products than your competitors.

Dropship Wholesale Distributor Tip 7 – Minimum Order Size

Though the minimum order size requirement for dropshipping companies varies, the majority would accept practically any order size. However, you have to be realistic that for cheaper items, they may set a minimum order in order for the sale to be profitable for them. Another thing to take note is that it is usually possible to get deeper discounts if you place bulk orders.

Read the next exciting post on how to find a good dropship wholesale distributor.

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