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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Finding a Reliable Dropship Wholesaler

If you are into a reselling business, you must be aware that building up a relationship with a dependable dropship wholesaler is of outmost importance. However, it is true that finding one that can guarantee satisfaction is a bit difficult. To be able to hunt for a company that will get your approval, you should try the following techniques:

1. Make use of Search Engines

One of the easiest ways to find a good dropship wholesaler is by using search engines. It’s easy because all you need to do is type an appropriate keyword or key phrase in the search bar and results will come out. You may try to type in combinations to get broader results such as “wholesale distributor”, “dropshipper”, “dropship company” and the like. You may have to go through a lot of links but keep your cool because impatience may lead you to make hasty decision that you might regret in a while. More often, the best deals come from middlemen and not from dropship companies.

2. Join a Forum

There are numerous free forums on the net that can help you out in finding what you are looking for. You can just go over some old posts and read about what others have experienced or you may create your own thread and wait for the community to reply. Either way, you can obtain the information that will be relevant to you.

3. Buy an Item at EBay

A competitor in the business won’t definitely give you a hint about his dropship wholesaler. To resolve this, you can purchase an item at EBay. You might find a clue on the label that may lead you to the supplier. If the label displays the supplier’s name but does not contain any return address or other contact details, it means you will have to perform some more intense research until you get what you need.

4. Look Through Classified Ads

Almost all types of businesses post on classified ads. If you will go over ads on the net and on newspapers, you will surely dig some ads from dropship wholesalers there.

5. Visit Exhibits and Tradeshows

You may not always get suitable results from browsing both offline and online ads. However, don’t give up because you can visit exhibits and tradeshows as an option. Although it might take some of your time, you might be able to get recommendations and tips from people that you would meet there.

6. Look from Dropship Wholesaler directories

Look for dropship companies from online directories. However, don’t think that all of them are reliable. For sure, there are some that are not legitimate at all. A real dropship wholesaler directory features even those companies that do not have their websites or can’t be found on search engines. They also have lists of products and their prices. This will enable the searcher to make comparisons so he can decide which he will choose.

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